I also create some experiments to learn more about Computer Science, Mathematics and Design.



Product Ownerning

Venusian is a marketplace for fashion models and companies make business together, independently of agencies and their taxes or fees.

I tried to lead a small team to deliver new features, make partnerships and growth in fashion model market.

It was a great challenge for me because I needed to learn about sales and marketing, and I needed to do it autodidatically, alone.

#android, #ios, #lean product, #kanban
Print Screen: Venusian app

Meu Nextel

Android Developer

I worked on a Android app using best practices such as TDD, Continuos Integration, XP and supported by Clean Architecture.

Using Feature Toggle technique, I refactored important features such as Login with SIM Card reading, rating and billing. Also, we delivered them progressively using a sample of customer segment.

Worked in a multidisciplinary team using agile methodologies and interacted with all management levels.

#android, #tdd, #xp, #mvp, #clean
Print Screen: Nextel main screen

Oi Rooms

Product Owner, Developer, Designer

He was in charge of delivering a complete solution that employees could schedule meeting rooms, using corporate login accounts and running on Android, iOS and web platforms.

This project was a concept designed to help business department to achieve more outcomes in mobile market, using few resources and trying to understand stakelholders' needs.

#android, #ios, #api, #ci, #cd
Print Screen: Oi Rooms calendar screen


Mobile Application Development

SBT is the second most important television company in Brazil. So, in this project I worked to improve user experience for Android and iOS apps.

I implemented social login using Facebook and Twitter APIs. Also, I implemented a feature that users can interact with TV shows in real time, sending text or photos.

#android, #ios, #tablet, #phone #social
Print Screen: SBT Android app

Valor Econômico

Mobile Application Development

I was in charge of mobile application developer for an online news platform in Android and iOS. This product allowed customer read news, followed quotes information and saved favorite news.

In this project, I help to implement iOS In-App Purchase where users become customers in a touch subscribing our online news service.

#android, #ios
Print Screen: Valor Econômico apps

Valor Seminários

Product Owner, Developer, Designer

This project was my first challenge as product owner. The story begins like this:

As a bored developer, wasting time, I purposed a challenge to my coworker and we needed almost two months to develop a solution for company's event department.

The solution was create an API, a sync system (keeping legacy infrastructure) and develop two mobile applications. So, we delivered a great solution!

#android, #ios, #api, #product, #design
Print Screen: Valor Seminários app

Valor PRO

Mobile Application Development

ValorPRO is a business intelligence tool for financial market. This product can deliver news in real-time, analyze market information and tracking politician scenario in Brazil.

I was in charge of mobile application development that needed to maintain legacy code and implement new features to support business department.

#android, #ios, #realtime, #business_intelligence
Print Screen: ValorPRO apps